December 2nd 2020

December 2nd 2020

Here’s some photos from our wedding and surrounding days. Enjoy!

Getting Ready

Not every couple goes for a swim one hour before their wedding… but this couple does!

At the Cartório

The local Cartório is where all the official action took place. We waited our turn in line, then had our moment with the Justice of the Peace… and then we were married!

The Livestream

Given the times we are in, it was amazing to be able to share in real-time with all of you—and then to keep celebrating afterwards!

Celebrating at the Beach

The Cartório isn’t really a place to celebrate, so we headed to the beach with some champagne and paparazzi to say our vows to each other and celebrate with our witnesses.

Enjoying Our Honeymoon

And then… it was all done! We spent a couple of days at a nearby beach (Guarda do Embaú). After all the activity it was great to have time with just the two of us… even though I got totally schooled at Ticket To Ride.

Thanks for celebrating with us! It’s been an amazing couple of days, and we’re super happy that you could share a little bit of it with us.


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  1. Que alegria ver a realização do sonho de vocês estampada no brilho dos olhos! Imensa gratidão ao Criador pela dádiva de terem se encontrado nesta vida e agora, caminharem juntos com a promessa de escreverem uma linda história de amor!!!
    A sua felicidade é também minha, filha querida!

    1. Mamãe querida, 1 ano sem te ver pessoalmente pela pandemia. Maravilhoso que esteve de alguma forma conosco nesse momento. Em breve estamos juntas. Beijo enorme

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