Livestream Details

Livestream Details

This is anything but a standard wedding – COVID, friends & family on lockdown around the world, etc. – so we’re really grateful that we can share a little bit with you through a livestream. For those coming from North America or Europe, events will probably unfold somewhat different than what you’re used to. Given how much of this is new, we thought it’d be good to share a bit of a guide.

The livestream will be right on the front page. We’ll arrive at the Cartório around 4:20pm (Wednesday December 2nd 2020, São Paulo time!) and start the livestream then.

The official marriage ceremony will start at 4:30pm and last maybe 10 minutes, all in Portuguese. The Cartório’s not exactly a beautiful spot so as soon as the ceremony is done we’ll head to the beach at the end of the street, which will take maybe 10 minutes. Once we’re there we’ll share some words and toast some champagne with our witnesses. And that’ll be that! The whole process will probably take less than 30 minutes… but be forewarned, we’re in the KTDF time zone, so we’ll just have to see.

A Cartório is
a notary that
certifies marriages
and other official
documents, and is the
only place you can be
legally married in
Brazil. Church &
religious weddings
hold no legal status

It’ll be great to share with you all soon!